R & D Tax Credit

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R&D Tax Credit

Corr & Corr have built up a reputation of one of the country’s most accomplished firms in this field.

We take care to ensure projects are viable before starting the process and do not proceed with engagements until we are satisfied all criteria of the scheme have been met. For companies investing in R & D the repayable tax credit is often a vital part of their financial strategy. Other companies may embark upon a one off R & D project for which a claim will improve their cash position either through receipt of a refund or by reduction of corporation tax payable.We are able to provide assistance to companies operating in any industry whether or not a claim has previously been submitted.

Corr & Corr can also, review and advise on the status of existing claims. It is important that full consideration is given to whether a valid claim exists; many companies fail to identify this lucrative tax incentive despite clearly satisfying the necessary criteria. Our simple guide below should indicate whether a claim should be considered.

Should I Consider Making an R&D Claim for my Company?

  • Is the company liable to corporation tax?
  • Is the company a going concern?
  • Does the company produce a product or provide a service which is considered innovative in its field?
If you are able to reply yes to each of the above questions, then you should consider making an R&D claim.