Forensic Accounting

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Forensic Accounting

Corr & Corr have considerable experience of working alongside and within the legal profession, and as a result we fully understand the legal process and the requirements of lawyers.
We are engaged by solicitors and barristers at all stages of the legal process: we provide initial objective assessments of cases to assess the benefits of proceeding, detailed reporting to support court submissions, pre-trial briefing and evidence review and attend court as expert witness.
We provide clear concise reporting and crucially, conclusions that are fully supported and evidenced.

Forensic Accounting In Business

Our Forensic Accounting Department is continually playing a key role in loss prevention and the enhancement of the operational efficiency within businesses. Rather than simply identifying and addressing potentially harmful activity, forensic accountants help set in place policies and procedures that can prevent the illegal or unauthorised use of business resources. We identify which areas of the business may be vulnerable to fraud, and undertake risk assessment investigations.

Acquisitions & Mergers

Regularly we are engaged to assess target companies subject to acquisition, where we will investigate the target businesses with regard to whether estimations relating to value, profitability and balance sheet are fair and accurate.

Cost Savings & Cost Audits

Additionally we regularly work with clients and assess operations, with a review to identifying potential cost savings.