Tax Investigations

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Tax Investigations

HMRC tax investigations and tax enquiries are becoming increasingly common and can have a significant financial cost if handled incorrectly.

Expert technical knowledge, careful negotiation and advice can often make a substantial difference to the eventual tax liability, penalty and charges.

Our HMRC/Revenue Commissioners Tax investigation service offers advice on

  • Income tax investigations, including:-
  • Section 9A TMA 1970, Code of Practice 8, Code of Practice 9 and Code of Practice 11 – Self Assessment
  • Corporate tax investigations
  • VAT and PAYE inspections
  • Voluntary tax disclosure
  • Employer Benefit Trusts (EBTs)
  • Undeclared rental income / HMRC Let Property campaign
  • Advice on offshore tax disclosures schemes, including:- Tax Investigations – What to Expect

Tax Investigations – What to Expect

This will depend on the type of tax investigation that has been opened. If you have been issued with a Code of Practice 9 (COP9) notice, HMRC suspects serious tax fraud. These types of investigations are intrusive and time consuming, often spanning over several years. Code of Practice 8 (COP8) investigations are opened when HMRC suspect a deliberate attempt to pay less than or the use of a tax avoidance scheme such as EBT/PBT structures. HMRC will normally invite you to a meeting to discuss the issues.

Corr & Corr Investigation Team Can Help

  • Over 20 years of combined experience dealing with Inland Revenue tax investigations
  • We Manage the full process on your behalf or advise you on the best strategy to approach
  • Minimise potential penalties and interest
  • Negotiate affordable repayment terms
  • Cost effective, fixed and capped fee arrangements